We design and implement strong business strategies, and do much more.


We assist enterprises, professionals and individuals to get things done.

Some of the challenges faced by enterprises include growing the client base, managing end-to-end processes and taking advantage of the latest technologies to improve their bottom line.

The current pandemic has disrupted and shifted how organisations, households and individuals operate. As more people operate remotely from home, criminals have turned online fraud into big business. They use sophisticated tools, mule networks and breached data, that are easily accessible, to support large scale automated attacks.

Our services include provision of consulting services in information technology and financial management. We also have an online shop for interconnected products and related cybersecurity products.

What we do

Consulting Services and More ...

Information Technology

We offer consulting services across the entire value chain of information technology, from strategy formulation to implementation of complete systems.

Financial Management

Our team of highly experienced financial management consultants have successfully assisted municipalities, state-owned institutions and private sector entities.

Project Management

We apply best tools, methods, processes and expert experience to achieve objectives in line with customers’ acceptance criteria and within agreed parameters.

Online Technology Shop

We provide unique technology and cybersecurity products that we deliver worldwide. Our online shop is called mybluemeta.com. Click below to see more.

Case Study

Successful support of Bus Rapid Transit services in municipalities.

Financial Management Services Offered:

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