Who I am

Financial Director

Patricia Moji is a consultant with broad experience in financial services and co-operative support. Her background includes projects done in the public sector, private sector and local government.

Patricia Moji’s career started an Agricultural economist after she obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Limpopo in 1991. She has developed and supported farmers’ cooperatives and successfully mentored the management committees of these cooperatives. Her subsequent qualifications are Bachelor of Business Administration Honours and Master of Business Administration, both from Stellenbosch University.

She has occupied positions of accountant in the food processing sector, a financial manager at a telecommunications company, senior financial manager and chief financial officer at municipal owned entities.

One of the key projects completed was to assist the National Nuclear Regulator as an Interim Chief Financial Officer. She has lately been contracted as an Interim Chief Financial Officer for two years at Piotrans, the company that operates the Rea Vaya bus Services, where she instituted changes that improved governance and financial controls while increasing their bottom line.

The achievements in the municipal entities have included achieving two unqualified audit reports at City Power and one at Joburg Market. She has developed a R14 billion infrastructure asset register for City Power from scratch. Her achievements at Piotrans include having set up their entire internal control system and having increased their cash reserves from R12 million to R65 million. She has also achieved an unqualified audit at Piotrans.

Her areas of expertise include the following:

  • Asset Registers creation, management and Maintenance
  • Municipal budgets management and training.
  • Revenue management, revenue enhancement strategies, credit control and debt management.
  • Expenditure and liability management.
  • Supply Chain management, development and enhancement strategies, training and mentoring.
  • Business process re-engineering. Financial processes assessment, enhancements and automation.
  • GRAP implementation and preparation of Annual Financial statements.
  • Support to Internal Audit and Risk management.
  • General MFMA and PFMA implementation and Compliance.

Blue Phakwe Consulting's B-BBEE Status

Blue Phakwe Consulting is currently certified as meeting the highest level of B-BBEE. We have been certified at a B-BBEE status of Level 1.