Business Intelligence

Senior and middle managers in both the public and private sectors are constantly expect to understand the organisations' past performance and to use that information to make informed decisions that would help them plan and execute on agreed strategic directions. Unfortunately, the proliferation of technical tools and infrastructures has not been optimally used to enable timely access to relevant data that would help in planning and monitoring progress.

Oftentimes, it takes days, weeks and sometimes months for some heads of entities to provide answers to questions from auditors and regulators on planning and the reporting on progress. This is largely due to dispersed sources of data and having to go through layers of subordinate data owners to get the information they need.

The challenges of getting the right information on the fingertips for decision making can be compounded by the enormous data that has to be dealt with. Big data, its location inside and outside organisations and the tools that are used to access it add complexity if not planned and done correctly.

Blue Phakwe helps organisations to unravel the power of business analytics through enterprise business intelligence, agile visualizations, and advanced predictive analytics to everyone and on any device or platform.

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