Cloud Computing

In the private sector, large and small businesses always need to get more customers and an increased share of the market. There is always a need to be nimble and to interact in real-time due to the increasing sophistication of customers. This is where cloud computing comes in handy.

In the public sector, the need for cloud computing is based more on enablement of service delivery improvements and a myriad of legislative frameworks and associated reports within which this has to be done.

At Blue Phakwe, we understand that cloud based solutions are a key business enabler that help to standardise the manner in which the value chain is implemented. This standardisation cuts across all layers of the technology that is used, from applications to computer hardware and business processes that are carried out. Coupled to this, is the ability of cloud computing to assist in improving efficiencies.

Our assistance with cloud delivery is based on a structured approach that starts on the premise that every environment is different and requires different planning and a matching solution. We help clients to build unique cloud solutions that are tailored for their unique requirements.

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