Managed Services Engineers

We need support of managed service technicians to assumes ongoing responsibilities for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for cleints' IT systems.

Cisco Network Engineers
Configure, document, maintain and monitor critical 24/7 Cisco network environment for data, voice and video communications.
Oracle Database Administrators
Plan, install, configure and upgrade Oracle server software and related products. Design, implement and maintain database security. Perform database tuning and performance monitoring. Perform application tuning and performance monitoring.
IBM Support Engineers.
Plan, implement and support IBM Power8 servers for mobile, cloud and big data & analytics. Provide support services for all aspects of the IBM infrastructure, including storage.


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We Help Customers to Succeed

Happy CustomerFor starters, we understand that our customers and prospects have more options when it comes to choosing solutions providers. We also understand that their expectations and demands are always changing. That is why we ensure that we create an environment that allows agility from our part so that we can contribute positively to their success. We do so by doing a number of things, such as:

  • Appointing extremely good people
  • Creating meaningful relationships from the word go
  • Being pre-emptive on customer concerns
  • Offering a seamless experience
  • Providing distinct and non-general services

We create customer success by combining the points above in an orchestrated manner to manage the mechanical and business relationships between us and our customers. By so doing, we enable our customers to maximise the value they derive from our solutions by making them as profitable and productive as possible.

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