Business Intelligence Consultants

We are looking for consultants for planning, implementing and supporting analytics and business intelligence applications for all sizes of businesses. Here is a sample of typical positions:

IBM Business Intelligence Consultants
Assess environments and plan for a Cognos business intelligence and reporting or analytics strategy. Design customised environments for enterprises. Plan and implement a data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) strategy for business intelligence environments.
SAP Business Intelligence Consultants
Effectively demonstrate the solution functionality and implement the SAP Analytics products of BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Lumira and others.
Predictive Analytics Consultants
Set up predictive models by using variable selection algorithms and best-practice, cross-validation methods to break through the clatter in big data. Assist enterprises to pinpoint important variables, and deliver accurate predictions of market outcomes based on validation data


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We Help Customers to Succeed

Happy CustomerFor starters, we understand that our customers and prospects have more options when it comes to choosing solutions providers. We also understand that their expectations and demands are always changing. That is why we ensure that we create an environment that allows agility from our part so that we can contribute positively to their success. We do so by doing a number of things, such as:

  • Appointing extremely good people
  • Creating meaningful relationships from the word go
  • Being pre-emptive on customer concerns
  • Offering a seamless experience
  • Providing distinct and non-general services

We create customer success by combining the points above in an orchestrated manner to manage the mechanical and business relationships between us and our customers. By so doing, we enable our customers to maximise the value they derive from our solutions by making them as profitable and productive as possible.

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