ThoughtSpot Relational Search Engine

"The World's First Relational Search Engine"

At the time of writing this article, the announcement above came from the product's creators, ThoughtSpot.

Gartner has also endorsed this product in its publication entitled "Cool Vendors in Analytics, 2016" that was published in May 2016.

Here follows the narration on the publication by Gartner:

"ThoughtSpot uses the power of Google-like search to reach mainstream business users whom even increasingly flexible and easy-to-use data discovery tools have been unable to reach. ThoughtSpot is extending BI's reach to enable anyone in an organization by enabling people to ask questions in natural language and receive answers in the most intuitive, context-relevant way. In so doing, it is bridging the final "chasm" of BI project failure, namely that analysis has often been accurate but incomprehensible to the person asking the question".

Put simply, this product allows users to search a variety of data sources, including Hadoop, in a manner that is similar to using a search engine on the internet – with minimal or no training. At the heart of it are the following capabilities:

  • Get the information you are searching for much quicker through system driven suggestions as you type.
  • Have analytics diagrams being spontaneously selected as you conduct the search.
  • Move or paste the charts on a live console as you go along.
  • Convert the analytics results into sharable information for quick insights and decision support.

Blue Phakwe Consulting is excited to provide this sensational product to the local market.

For starters you can download an overview brochure by clicking HERE.

Better still, you can request one of our experts to have an in-depth discussion about this product and how it can simplify analytics for your organisation by clicking HERE to contact us.

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