I found everyone who worked for Blue Phakwe Consulting to be attentive and thoughtful, providing not only a sounding board for our ideas but also helpful guidance from their past experiences. While designing our business-aligned IT strategy, they created something that was tailored to our specific needs with real business relevance. I am impressed with the work they have done, as well as their professionalism, courtesy and caring customer service.

Government Agency

We had our documents literally all over the show – on hard drives, memory sticks, external storage and external mail. As the business grew and we prepared for presentations to new prospects, it became a nightmare to get the latest information. Blue Phakwe Consulting helped us to streamline everything into one synchronised and cost effective Microsoft system. The helped us with the roadmap that started with sorting out our internal mess and with an integrated customer relationship management system.

Small Business

Our information technology was a contributor to bad external audit reviews until we roped in Blue Phakwe Consulting. They designed a programme that mapped our audit findings to Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies (COBIT) and then helped us to implement remedial actions starting with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), ISO 27001 and other related frameworks. We are now on the path to becoming a real business enabler and not a "cost centre" that we have always been perceived to be.

National Government Department
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