About Us

Blue Phakwe Consulting was established by a group of seasoned professionals with the intent of providing business enhancing solutions to the public and private sectors. The company's main objective is to assist enterprises to properly harness the capabilities of information technology and financial management to increase collaboration and improve their bottom line. We help with tools and methods to design or improve controls while enabling compliance.


Our vision is to be a first-rate, customer-centric solution provider and technology partner of choice in the public and private sectors locally and internationally.


Our mission is to use our combined, broad professional and technical experience to assist enterprises to increase their bottom lines and to improve service and solution delivery.


  • To utilise only the best professionals in the business.
  • To offer high quality solutions that are tailored to customers’ specific needs.
  • To invest for increased customer satisfaction with a focus on loyalty.

What We Do

Our continuous research and alignment with partners who are global thought leaders, make it possible for us to understand how organisations and their people deal with changing systems and requirements. We provide tools, methods and techniques to successfully deal with constant change.

1. Manufacturing Engineering

We are setting up a division for engineering and manufacturing. These activities include, but are not limited to, the design, manufacturing, installation and, where possible, maintenance of industrial equipment.

2. Cloud Computing

We help to create the most complete, best-of-breed platforms for delivering secured, scalable and easily managed cloud applications for different business requirements. We provide related managed services to ensure solution sustainability.

3. Analytics

We empower all decision makers - at corner shops, on shop floors, analysts and enterprise executives with real-time, area-specific insights. This makes it easy to gain insights into data or to provide customers with information on the fly.

4. Project Management

We offer project, programme and portfolio management products and services across all sectors and to all sizes of organisations.

5. Recruitment Services

We draw on our broad experience gained from many years in the private and public sectors to assist organisations to get the relevant human resources for all professions, from entry level to executives.

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