Project Management

This area is led by a senior portfolio, programme and project management consultant who also doubles as a lecturer on the same subjects at a local tertiary institution. He leads a team that is highly passionate about the structured approach to solution delivery.

We employ best practice frameworks to enable collaboration between all portfolio, programme and project management stakeholders. We use our in-depth understanding of the methodology of PMBOK to deliver on all areas where the organisation's business requirements so dictate. We also draw heavily from Prince2 methodology where the organisation's requires, especially within the information technology industry.

We are also very practical in our approach and therefore do not channel our solution delivery through strictly one methodology. Where circumstances warranted, we have carefully combined different methodologies to provide the best fit for the customer.

We implement on-premise and on-demand tools that increase productivity and improve efficiencies across all project portfolios in the public sector, information technology, mining, construction, manufacturing, government departments, municipalities and state owned entities and others. These solutions enable organisations to:

  • Become agile through swift responses to changes on projects.
  • Be more productive by improving quality and eliminating waste and rework.
  • Become predictable by confidently making commitments and keeping them.
  • Be more efficient by standardising on best practices that yield repeatable success.

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Create Business Success in the Cloud

Cloud computing imparts proven competitive advantages, no matter how small or large your business is. Forget about infrastructure setup and maintenance costs as well as skills-intensive software upgrading. Simply scale up or scale down, depending on your usage requirements, at a corresponding cost. Have secured access to enterprise technology from any device and allow your teams to collaborate from one version of the truth and in real time.

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