Info Technology

This service is manned by consultants who are a seasoned IT specialist, including former IT executives who have operated in both the public and private sectors. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Development of business-aligned IT Strategy

We see IT strategy as an integral part of business and we work closely with key business stakeholders to define a strategy that is realistic and demonstrates the value of IT to business. The outputs of our engagements include situation-specific roadmaps for implementation of the strategy along with issues, risks and success indicators that are associated implementations.

IT Strategy Implementation Services

Where strategies have already been defined and agreed, we advise on the practicality of implementation and assist with planning services that inform programmes for rolling them out. We use our vast knowledge to offer advice on the supply and demand of IT services and the related controls implications.

We are adept at using international best practices such as

IT Governance Design and Implementation

We help organisations to reach set strategic goals by assisting them to define and implement the processes that ensure the effective and efficient use of IT. We show them how to link this to the bigger picture that is corporate governance. We use internationally recognised IT Governance frameworks to define, implement and sustain IT Governance.

Interim CIO Services

We come in where an organisation needs someone to run the strategic part of IT while they are looking for a new Chief Information Officer. We help with selection and transition processes for new CIOs. We also provide advisory services to Offices of incumbent CIOs on different IT areas where help is needed.

Create Business Success in the Cloud

Cloud computing imparts proven competitive advantages, no matter how small or large your business is. Forget about infrastructure setup and maintenance costs as well as skills-intensive software upgrading. Simply scale up or scale down, depending on your usage requirements, at a corresponding cost. Have secured access to enterprise technology from any device and allow your teams to collaborate from one version of the truth and in real time.

Go ahead, disrupt your market - let Blue Phakwe Consulting show you how!

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