Success Stories

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Real Life Cases

Case Studies

We are busy compiling case studies based on our actual success stories. This section will be updated as we go along.
Department of Correctional Services

More than 400 centres of a government security department get reconnected.

Cities of Ekurhuleni and Tshwane

Financial management division of a metropolitan bus company gets a clean audit.

Government Printing Works

A printing agency successfully implements ERP to improve efficiencies.

Eskom Power Utility

A power utility gets assisted with certification of ISO 9000 quality standards.

This is what we do

We help customers to succeed

For starters, we understand that our customers and prospects have more options when it comes to choosing solutions providers. We also understand that their expectations and demands are always changing. That is why we ensure that we create an environment that allows agility from our part so that we can contribute positively to their success.

Our success is based on the following:

  • Appointing extremely good subject matter experts.
  • Creating meaningful relationships from the beginning.
  • Being pre-emptive on customer concerns.
  • Offering a seamless experiences.
  • Providing distinct and non-general services.

We create customer success by combining the points above in an orchestrated manner to manage the mechanical and business relationships between us and our customers. By so doing, we enable our customers to maximise the value they derive from our solutions by making them as profitable and productive as possible.