Who I am

Managing Director

Jeff Moji is an ICT and management consultant with a comprehensive experience in engineering and information technology.

He studied for a mechanical engineering degree and followed up with graduate studies in manufacturing engineering with specialisation in design-for-manufacturing techniques. His interest in computer application in engineering design and manufacturing saw him later take a number of continuing education courses in information technology in the USA and later in South Africa.

In the USA, he was employed as an engineer and an information technology specialist, where he played key roles of integrating design and manufacturing teams with sales and marketing entities to ensure proper fit between customer needs and product development.

Upon his return to South Africa, he concentrated on information technology and operated in the private and public sectors. He has occupied positions as an IT project manager in the telecommunication industry; an information technology customer relationship manager in the mining sector; a chief information officer and a technical advisor in government.

He is proficient in business execution as an executive in areas that include but are not limited to IT strategy design and implementation, cloud computing and security, cloud-inspired and analytics-inspired infrastructure, analytics and business intelligence, data centre operations management, risk management and value realisation, business and client programme execution, enterprise architecture as well as change and stakeholder management.

Technology Blogger

Jeff Moji has started a series of technology blogs on a separate website named jeff-moji.com. He blogs about Interconnected technologies that include but are not limited to:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • and more

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Blue Phakwe Consulting's B-BBEE Status

Blue Phakwe Consulting is currently certified as meeting the highest level of B-BBEE. We have been certified at a B-BBEE status of Level 1.