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Our financial management consulting division is led by a former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) whose past experience include getting a municipal entity in the city of Johannesburg to achieve an unqualified audit report for two successive years.

The following is a sample of typical challenges faced by many municipalities or similar entities:

  1. No clean audit reports due in part to lack of robust financial processes and controls.
  2. Billing systems are not properly and timely updated, which results in incorrect billing information.
  3. Non-payment for services is not properly managed; follow ups are difficult due to inaccurate customer data.
  4. Water and electricity losses cannot be measured reliably and it becomes difficult to manage.

Based on our experience, we offer the following services to address the foregoing:

  • Assistance in optimising current Revenue management and cash management processes.
  • Assistance in selecting appropriate Revenue and financial management tools or systems.
  • Compilation of Financial Statements in terms of Generally Recognised Accounting Practice (GRAP) requirements.
  • Improvement of existing financial policies and procedures.
  • Assistance in compilation of Business Plans to access the Municipality Infrastructure Grant (MIG).
  • Creation, enhancement and maintenance of Asset Registers in terms of GRAP 17.
  • Providing advisory services in managing Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables.
  • Improving existing Financial Planning and Budgeting (see Hyperion on Applications sections).
  • Development or improvement of Supply Chain policies and processes.
  • Implementing automated billing systems in line with municipality requirements.

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  • Local and international experience in information technology, engineering, manufacturing, financial management and general business portfolio management.
  • Continuous research and application of the latest tools, methods and technologies to enable improved security, controls and compliance.
  • Driven by the passion for customer satisfaction by offering high quality solutions that are tailored to customers’ specific needs.
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