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Our Timelines


Established as a Consulting Close Corporation

Blue Phakwe Consulting was established by a group of seasoned professionals and executives to provide solutions to the public and private sectors mainly in the areas of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Financial Management.



Converted to a Proprietary Limited Company

We increased our resources to assist a diversity of enterprises to properly harness capabilities of information & communications technology and financial management to increase collaboration and improve their bottom line. We added more tools, methods and techniques to design or improve customer controls while enabling their compliance.



Added Online Shop for Interconnected Devices

Our online store offers the latest and coolest interconnected devices. We started with Bluetooth products and plan to add other technology devices. With security of connections in mind, we have also increased our products to include cybersecurity products.


We help customers to succeed

For starters, we understand that our customers and prospects have more options when it comes to choosing solutions providers. We also understand that their expectations and demands are always changing. That is why we ensure that we create an environment that allows agility from our part so that we can contribute positively to their success.

Our success is based on the following:

  • Appointing extremely good subject matter experts.
  • Creating meaningful relationships from the beginning.
  • Being pre-emptive on customer concerns.
  • Offering a seamless experiences.
  • Providing distinct and non-general services.

We create customer success by combining the points above in an orchestrated manner to manage the mechanical and business relationships between us and our customers. By so doing, we enable our customers to maximise the value they derive from our solutions by making them as profitable and productive as possible.

What We Are About:

Our Vision:

To be a first-rate, customer-centric solution provider and technology partner of choice in the public and private sectors; locally and globally.

Our Mission:

To use our combined, broad professional and technical experience to assist enterprises to increase their bottom lines and improve service delivery. To assist individuals to minimise their computing risks as they work from home.

Our Goals:

Utilise only the best professionals in the business. Offer high quality solutions that are tailored to customers’ specific needs. Invest for increased customer satisfaction with focus on loyalty.

Why Choose Blue Phakwe


Local and international experience in information technology, engineering, manufacturing, financial management and general business portfolio management.


Continuous research and application of the latest tools, methods and technologies to enable improved security, controls and compliance.


Driven by the passion for customer satisfaction by offering high quality solutions that are tailored to customers’ specific needs.


The latest, unique and the coolest Bluetooth and cybersecurity products that are well researched and proven to perform well. Products are delivered worldwide.

Our B-BBEE rating is Level 1

Our People

Our Key Principals

Jeff Moji

Managing Director

Pat Moji

Financial Director

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